The LEDVANCE LED Strip System - Configurator

You would like dramatic illumination, but you do not really have much room and no time to get deeply into the complex matter of LED Strips, power supplies, track systems and other accessories?

We would enjoy to give any help needed!

With a few clicks you are guided through all the components and can realize your lighting project. At the end you receive a summary of your configuration (selected products and cuts) as PDF and the bill of material as Excel file to download.

Just follow our LED Strip System - Configurator.

Note: more than one position possible.
Which length(s) do you want to illuminate?

Position 1

Where and what for do you want to implement the LED Strip solution?

Select a LED Strip:

Choose your aluminum profile

Protection and cooling for the LED Strip, enables mounting of a cover (e.g. for diffuse light, uniform light distribution). Operation also possible without profile.

Select an aluminum profile:

Mode for selecting the operating mode

Selecting the operating mode / power supply
The selection mode determines how individually the power supply of your configuration can be set. Please choose:

  • Easy selection: Easy assignment of drivers for one position or all positions.
  • Extended selection: Also allows positions to be grouped individually and having assigned their own driver. In addition, dimmer and power supply can be selected separately.

Choice of Driver

Do each position has one operating unit?

Select a driver:

Choice of Driver
Create individual groups

Create / edit / assign groups

Position 1

Should every dimmer of a group have their own power supply? This selection applies only to groups assigned a dimmer without its own power supply.
Additional power supply unit

Select a driver for dimmer:

Additional power supply unit
Choice of Connector
Choice of end caps

Surroundings / dimensions

Due to technical reasons the desired length cannot be provided. Please, choose one of the options:

Position 1

0,00 m 1 W


No connectors


No endcaps

Complete the configuration

Now complete the configuration. You can then print a PDF of the configuration, get a parts list for your wholesaler, or share the configuration with others.

One file only.
1 GB limit.
Allowed types: pdf.
One file only.
1 GB limit.
Allowed types: xlsx.
One file only.
1 GB limit.
Allowed types: xml.